InnerProfessional’s public, open-enrollment course sessions run on set schedules. We also pass along discounted, early-bird cost savings when participants or groups enroll well in advance of the course start dates.

The Program Calendar is a tool you can use to keep yourself and your clients informed of upcoming enrollment opportunities and discounted price deadlines. It’s good to know when the price changes are happening so you can give your clientele advanced notice to take advantage of early-bird prices.

  • You also have other view options, including a calendar, a more detailed list, and a filter that lets you view more schedule details about one course at a time.

We recommend that when sharing a calendar link with an interested prospect, use the “list” view. The direct link for that is:

(If you convert this to your affiliate link, be sure to place your /ref// before the question mark in the URL.)

Note that group discounts apply on top of the then-current advertised price. Please direct message me at for a group quote.