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Our passion lies in presenting transformative education using breakthrough methods toward developing a more inspired and inspiring world.



In 2016, two businesses with over a decade of online education and social engagement technology experience merged to form our parent company, Interplicity, LLC.

Innovations in Transformative Education

As a consulting, technology and marketing agency, Interplicity’s clientele includes large and small businesses, universities and independent teaching institutions. We’ve built multiple complete online campuses. We strive for innovative instructional design, and we aim to produce exceptionally engaging educational media delivered via those online learning centers.

We now curate wisdom for the workplace courses at InnerProfessional.com, and we curate wellness and well-being courses at Innerplicity.com. Interplicity continues to operate as a leading-edge consultancy, helping visionary teaching and training organizations succeed online.

About Us

Leadership Team

In addition to their professional experience, our co-founders are all dedicated to a mission of helping organizations and individuals discover greater life opportunities through transformative education.

Curt Dowdy

Co-founder & CEO, Interplicity

Applies executive experience and inspiration to help others realize deeper purpose.

Curt Dowdy

With extensive experience in technology and media businesses, Curt also served as a software executive providing infrastructure services to social media and media sharing companies like Facebook, Twitter, TwitchTV, Vimeo and SoundCloud.

Christina Souza Ma

Co-founder & CLO, Interplicity

Passionate about supporting individuals toward finding balance in body, mind and spirit.

Christina Souza Ma

A life long passion for wellness and healing arts combined with extensive experience in film and video production inspires Christina to incite the most engaging presentations from transformative subject matter experts.

Segovia Smith

Co-founder & COO, Interplicity

An innovator in web development, online education, user experience and engagement growth.

Segovia Smith

As a web developer and marketer, Segovia has been building leading-edge e-learning systems for over a decade. He has further concentrated on creating compelling, rewarding user experiences in both instructional presentation and systems design.


Primary Instructors

Ginny Whitelaw, PhD

Author & CEO, Institute for Zen Leadership

A biophysicist, former NASA senior leader, and roshi in Rinzai Zen with a 5th degree black belt in Aikido. She has trained leaders making a difference for more than 25 years.

Ginny Whitelaw, PhD

With a doctorate in biophysics and as a senior leader at NASA, Ginny was in charge of coordinating teams and integrating diverse contributions to the International Space Station Program. But it was integrating mind, body and energy with leadership itself that became a calling, and, for over 25 years, she’s taught leadership worldwide. In 2012, she founded the Institute for Zen Leadership and has authored 4 books.

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Rebecca Watson

CEO Brompton Associates

Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant in Leadership and Cultural Development.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is the author of ‘Creating High Performing Teams’ and ‘Conscious Leadership and the Power of Energetic Fields’. Founding Brompton Associates in 2008 her purpose is to support leaders to become more conscious and operate from their highest mindset. Creating sustainable and highly productive cultures.

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Mike Normant

CEO, Unlimit Group

A former global learning & development director at eBay inspired to assist others on personal growth journeys.

Mike Normant

Following his evolving passions from engineering to personal growth and training, Mike went on to run the Global Learning & Development function at eBay. He launched his own executive coaching and leadership training company, The Unlimit Group, in 2012. Mike is also an active member of the executive coaching cadres at Skyline Group International, CoachSource, and Flourish.

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Olanike A. Mensah

CEO, Mosaic Consulting

Consultant, advisor, facilitator, and trainer in leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Olanike A. Mensah

Olanike is a strategist and executor rolled into one, experienced in applying the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) lens to all aspects of workplace management and at any stage of DEI development. Her 20+ years of experience spans corporate and non-profit organizations operating at local, national, and international levels.

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Roberta A. LaPorte

Organizational Consultant

Former Fortune 50 CXO, organizational consultant and advisor who helps organizations navigate through uncertainty.

Roberta A. LaPorte

After spending 25 years leading Fortune 50 organizations and technology start-ups, Bobbie draws on positive psychology and her experience as a six-time Ironman triathlons finisher to help organizations navigate uncertainty and get ready for anything

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Joie Seldon

Author & EQ Leadership Coach

A trainer, leadership coach and expert in Emotional Intelligence, teaching executives and business professionals how to benefit from one of the most valuable aspects of a successful career.

Joie Seldon

Joie Seldon spent forty years building her work as a trainer, leadership coach and expert in Emotional Intelligence, teaching executives and business professionals how to benefit from one of the most valuable yet underutilized aspects of a successful career, their emotions. The author of EMOTIONS An Owner's Manual and an electrifying speaker, she's presented to worldwide audiences online and onstage.

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Nicole Sroka, MBA, QEP

Founder, Mind Moves

Teaches and leads the people side of change in organizational design, human capital, technology, and culture through mind-body integration.

Nicole Sroka

After working in leadership roles for big firms – Black & Decker, Nestlé, and AECOM – Nicole founded Mind Moves to solve for the people side of complex change. As a certified Organizational Change Management (OCM) consultant, Education Provider and Yoga Teacher, Nicole uses a holistic approach to mindfully transition people to new levels of performance.

Rick Snyder

CEO, Invisible Edge

An author, executive coach and trainer that teaches and develops intuitive intelligence to business leaders and teams, enhancing decision-making, team performance, and sales.

Rick Snyder

Rick is the author of Decisive Intuition, and the Founder and CEO of Invisible Edge, an international consulting firm that develops intuitive intelligence for leaders and teams for more effective decision-making, sales, leadership and innovation. Beyond consulting, he has launched four businesses and combines that experience with 20 years of studying human behavior to coach leaders to develop and implement intuitive skills into their business plans and company culture.

Megan McDonough

CEO, Wholebeing Institute

Uses divergent thinking and creative perspectives to lead, harnessing the best in people.

Megan McDonough

As the CEO and co-founder of Wholebeing Institute, as well as a teacher, and mom, Megan is also the award-winning author of three books on mindfulness, and has been teaching well-being for more than two decades.

Susan Skjei, PhD

Director, Authentic Leadership Center

An educator and organizational consultant specializing in leadership and transformative change.

Susan Skjei

Formerly a vice president and chief learning officer in a fortune 1000 company, Susan is currently the director of the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University. The purpose of the Center is to inspire, educate and empower current and next generation leaders to act as agents of positive organizational and social change.

Contributing Faculty

Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD

Researcher, Educator & Author

A former Harvard professor specializing in positive psychology and the science of happiness.

Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, taught one of Harvard’s most popular–and life-changing–courses on positive psychology, and is the author of five books, including the best-sellers Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment. He holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from Harvard.

Barbara Fredrickson, PhD

Researcher, Educator & Author

Among the most highly cited scholars in psychology and director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Barbara Fredrickson

Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, holds multiple academic and professional association appointments, including being a distinguished professor in psychology and neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and current president of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

Sara Algoe, PhD

Researcher & Educator

Researches what helps things go right in social interactions.

Sara Algoe

Sara Algoe, PhD, is assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the director of the Emotions and Social Interactions in Relationships Lab. Her expertise spans emotions, relationships, and health psychology.

Maria Sirois, PsyD


Focuses on the resilience of the human spirit particularly when under chronic stress.

Maria Sirois

Maria Sirois, PsyD, is an inspirational speaker, seminar leader, and author who has worked at the intersections of wellness, psychology, and spirituality for nearly 20 years. She’s the author of Every Day Counts: Lessons in Love, Faith, and Resilience from Children Facing Illness and A Short Course in Happiness After Loss.

Kristen Lindquist, PhD

Researcher & Educator

Studies the nature of emotion—what emotions are, how they are created, and how we experience and perceive them in daily life.

Kristen Lindquist

Kristen Lindquist, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and director of the Carolina Affective Science Lab. Her research is part of the field of “affective neuroscience,” which looks at the brain mechanisms underlying human emotion.

Megha Nancy Buttenheim, MA

Author & Educator

A lifelong dancer, actress, singer, yogi, and educator passionate about embodied, experiential learning.

Megha Nancy Buttenheim

Megha Nancy Buttenheim, MA, E-RYT 1000, is CEO and founding director of Let Your Yoga Dance® LLC, and author of Expanding Joy: Let Your Yoga Dance, Embodying Positive Psychology. Megha is a longtime teacher-trainer at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and director of movement and meditation for Wholebeing Institute.

Patty Van Cappellen, PhD

Researcher & Educator

An experimental social psychologist interested in the psychology of religion, spirituality, health, and morality.

Patty Van Cappellen

Patty Van Cappellen, PhD, is the associate director of the Interdisciplinary and Behavioral Research Center at Duke University. She's currently studying self-transcendent emotions (e.g., awe, elevation), their relation to meaning in life and well-being, and their biological underpinnings.

Mary McHenry, MA

Distance Education Manager, Authentic Leadership Center

A catalyst for awareness and change with extensive background in communication, facilitation, mediation and leadership.

Mary McHenry

Mary is currently Curriculum Design & Distance Education Manager for the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University. She is a wilderness rites of passage guide and leadership coach with a background in music, movement and creative process. Mary holds several professional coaching certifications and a Masters in Adult Learning.

Karen Whelan-Berry, PhD

CLO, Wholebeing Institute

Passionate about facilitating positive and effective change for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Karen Whelan-Berry

With PhD in instructional design, Karen is also part of a research team studying course outcomes, which is then applied to improving the structuring and curriculum flow of new courses at Wholebeing Institute. Karen is additionally a scholar/practitioner in Springfield College’s MBA program.

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