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Our group pricing is tiered based on the number of participants enrolled. If your customer base or prospect list is large enough, you might consider purchasing blocks of enrollments at generous discounts and reselling those to your audience.

Extend Your Portfolio

Many of the courses across both of our catalogs may make a nice complement to the products or services you already provide.

Purchase Enrollments

You can also leverage our time based pricing and purchase enrollments in advance. Discounting opportunities increase with greater savings available for advance purchases.

Set Your Own Prices

Set your own pricing, customer relationships and transaction processing. We provide enrollment instructions and end-user technical support, once participants enroll.

Getting Started

Here’s how to learn more and get set up with our Reseller Program.

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Most courses are offered at scheduled dates, while some are available on-demand. For groups of 25 or more, you may request your own preferred session dates.

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Set up a meeting for a deeper dive into details, and we’ll talk about mutual goals and interests.


Fill out our Affiliate application, which provides the information we need to consider you as a reseller.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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Our Affiliate Program pays you a share of all sales and referrals.

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